You started out in science. Were you a bit of a mad scientist? What is your educational background and area of interest in the sciences? When did you work at in that field?
I was a bit of a mad scientist. I found that my original intentions of delving into science were short sighted due to the control that the conservative American government has on stem cell research. I initially thought I wanted to be a acupuncturist, then I became intrigued with pain treatment and I ended up falling in love with Neuroscience. Doubling in English as well, I got in shape running to both ends of north and south campus at UCLA, toting tomes of Chaucer, Milton, Shakespeare on one arm, Biochemistry, Neuroanatomy and Physics on the other.

I slaved away in Radiation Oncology, Pharmacology and Biological Imaging, Neurobiology, Neuropathology, Opthamology, Immunology, and of course, I tried to score some surprisingly gifted well hung nerds in nearly every department, and I got to know various nooks and crannies of the hospital's staircases very well.

Were you a wildwoman in some respects when you had a more straight job or as a teenager or was that something that happened later?
I became wild later, I was serially monogamous in my twenties, sporadically testing the LA Weekly personal ads, and an internet site for matchmaking, but I ended up only getting a few free gourmet meals, due to my allergic reactions to inane sugardaddies, but I didn't get into the freaky stuff until my thirties. My first sexual encounter with a woman was when I was 32, my first anal toy experience was when I was 34, my first transgendered experience was when I was 35, hopefully my first pre-op tranny gang bang will be sometime while I am 36. I have no desire to speed over my sexual limit, I am cruising at a good clip. Part of the joy of being a porn star is that I get laid, really well, and I get paid for it. It really is a blast.

What made you make the transition from science to porn and was there any intermediate stage?
There were a few shifts into high gear: in my early twenties I worked at a hostess club a few blocks from where I live now in downtown Los Angeles. I was so naive, I thought it was just dancing. I was too poor to afford contacts, so I couldn't even recognize customers. I would just stare vacantly ahead with a relaxed pretentious smile on my face that they interpreted as being aloof. When I stopped being selected, I put on my glasses and I was shocked at all the handjob action that was going on in the back room. Of course I was shocked, horrified, and kept my glasses off, but made little money since I was such a good girl.

More monetary desperation led me to try an amateur dance contest, where clearly I was the only amateur. The winner of the dance contest snaked up a 30 foot pole, flipped upside down, and disrobed her beaded see through dress without even touching it, hardly a green stripper, pure hustler. I shelved dirty dancing till my last year of college, when all the financial aid money ran out. I stripped at one of the best clubs in Vegas, and I feature danced at the opening of another. I would finish my Physics lab on a Thursday afternoon, take the bus to LAX and then take Southwest to Vegas, bus to the club, check in and pay my exorbitant house fee and work double shifts through till Sunday am, and then I would fly back Monday am for my first 8 am class in Calculus. I made enough money to hire someone to take notes for me in class and some lectures I never attended, instead I did all the problems and showed up to the midterms and finals only, catnapping when I could. I was still a good girl, and it wasn't until I got into porn that I went all out balls to the wall. I finally felt free to experiment, and get in touch with my dark side.

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