What inspires your look?
Beauty through pain. Reclaiming my body as art.

What inspired you to get your first tattoo? Any special meaning behind your current ink?
Healing. Tattoo liposuction. Overcoming my fears of pain, and my need to control my mind over my body.

Do you have plans for future body mods? If so, what?
Re-pierce the nips, maybe the face. Get my sleeved inked in color in Italy. Some nice genital piercing, maybe inside near the back wall of my vagina, near my perianal side.

What motivated you to get a mohawk? What colors has your hair been and any special reason for any particular ones?
I like being unique, standing out. It gets me more chicks…nah seriously, PORN, it corrupts all and I am a good example. I have had red hair, blue hair, red and green hair, blond, long blond fluffy hair to my butt, black, dreads, perms, shaved, purple, pink with blond roots. My hair caught on fire once going blond from red.

What sort of mainstream acting have you done and how did you get into it? Have any mainstream producers considered you too extreme?
I am often too extreme for porn but not for mainstream. In mainstream they don't ask many questions and they just assume I was a major heroin addict with my life tattooed across my flesh. I like to make people nervous. I usually selectively detail my current work life, artist/writer/model kinda sums it up, The unaddressed fact I get naked in from of the camera for my day job means I don't have issues with being filmed, nor do I care if my ass looks fat! A person that looks like me has usually been around sampling all portions of the plate of life, so I find myself getting cast in the rich character roles, and I like the meaty qualities of acting: diving in and getting intensely wrapped up in something and making art out of it for others to savor is very satisfying indeed.

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