What are some of your favorite fetishes?
Armpit odor, licking of the taint, slapping, consumption of women's feet by mouth and pussy. I love giving severe dominatrix sessions, I really do get off, and I love planning sessions, purchasing unique tools, and reading weird scenarios that the slaves dream up.

How did you first get into fetish?
I loved Helmut Newton's photography, the fat chicks in R. Crumb, WeeGee, Christopher Walken, David Lynch, Stanley Kubrick, Eric Stanton, Irving Klaw, James Spader in Secretary, watching women dive into pools of water, walking naked in the snow and masturbating with icicles while drunk, I have always been on the far edge of reasonably perverse…Some people are born to be a ballet dancer, I was born to be a sexual pervert.

My early collections of porn were the writings of Bukowski. I would masturbate reading about these strung out whorish chicks he would seduce through his words. There was a bookstore in my neighborhood that had paperbacks you could buy for saved change and I discovered him there, or perhaps it was in the infrequent trips to City Lights Bookstore in North Beach, San Francisco?

My porn collection of a visual nature was a playing card deck of Jeff Stryker pictures. Rock hard cocks on the rocks on a beach, cock in boxer shorts, cock in fireman's boots, was it the eyes looking at me or the freakishly long cock? I bought Jeff Stryker magazines, and then fell into a pattern of lusting after gay men. I still really love watching men suck cock, and I love watching a guy take it up the ass.

Top, bottom, or switch?
Switch! I am very aggressive with women I fuck women on camera and severely dominating a man, but I love being mummified and left to marinate in my feelings of release. The weight of a leather straightjacket and a latex or leather buckled sack is heaven.

How did you get into domination? What are some of your favorite things to do in a session?
My art studio burned down and I lost everything, more or less. Living off the state was not a desirable option, so I ended up getting a lot of ink to deal with the depression of losing pretty much everything. I dramatically changed my body image, like a butterfly coming out of chrysalis, and soon I attracted all sorts of submissive guys that taught me how to be a dominatrix. I think that is what makes me so powerful, I don't hate men, I respect them.

I really like sophisticated fetishes, with layers of perversion. I personally enjoy mummification, bondage, strap-on play, isolation tanks, flogging, corsets, liquid latex, expensive sex toys, dressing up in something that costs more than most people's rents…I enjoy playing with others.

What types of sex toys are your favorites and how do you like to use them? Do you like to have partners use sex toys on you?
Silicone, high grade, by Tantus. I especially like Fun Factory, Fetters in London, but my Hitachi Wand takes the cake. I am really partial to leather floggers, canes, restraints, and custom made BDSM furniture.

Is there anything you'd like to try in bed but have not gotten a chance to yet?
g/g/a with anal toy in me and Hitachi Wand on my clit.

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